donderdag 23 juni 2016

Deck problems

After lunch we went to the boat. 
The boat is floating and not getting much water. 
The water that comes into the boat is water that comes in from the rain through the deck. 
So it is time to fix it and that is easier said then done.
The deck is made of teak strips and then filled with some black stuff. 
So Pieter is taking out all the black stuff and Annuska is helping with cleaning it up.
It will be another week of work before it is all gone. 
Pieter has to work tomorrow so we will continue when he is coming back. 

On some spots you got even see that the wood was rotten. That will be fixed in the winter.
We are very eager to get sailing. 

I don't know if I mentioned it before but here in Sweden, the flag that hangs on board a boat is depending on your nationality and because our nationality is still Dutch we have to wave a Dutch. 
Ordered and came in yesterday and tadah!

It fits perfectly on the mizzen mast in top!
The weather wasn't great but not the worst either. 
Until the next update!

zondag 19 juni 2016

Try out

Yesterday we went for a try out. 
We haven't got everything in order yet and we borrowed some things to get us sailing and it was really lovely. 
We were over the moon and enjoining the sail very much. 
There wasn't a lot of wind and we sailed about 3 knots. 
We haven't used the mizzen yesterday and all in good times. 

Here a couple of pictures from our very small trip. 

vrijdag 17 juni 2016

When it all began.

One day my husband was looking on the internet and found this boat.
I immediately said: "Let's have a look" because she was like a couple of kilometers away from us.  We did and after some discussion we decided to buy her.
So on the 10th of October 2012 we signed the contract and this beautiful Koster was ours.
We got her home on the trailer pulled by the tractor of a neighbour who helped us.
It didn't take too long before she was on our driveway.

She was in pretty poor shape.
Unfortunately we had to rip out the inside because of all the mold.
We took a lot of pictures and I picked some out.

We also tried to find out the story behind this boat and by asking around we found out quite a bit.
The boat has had 5 owners prier to us. So we are (as far as we know) the 6th owner.
She has sunk one time as well as we have heard.

The first 25 to 30 years has been written in a book called: "Båtfolk berättar" from the "Svenska Kryssarklubbens årsskrift 1979. The book came in our possession through the yard that she was build for the second time. He remembered his father working on this one and even helped I think.
He took over the yard from his father and we hope to visit him sometime.
In the book are 20 or so stories about people and their adventures.
This story is told by Björn Bergstad, the son of the first owner of the boat.

The book begins to tell about 3 generations on the boat. That in itself I find very interesting.
The story begins in 1936 when the boat came in his parents possession.
They were told that the boat was build in 1920 as a pilot boat in Vinga.
It was probably not true so the exact year or what it was build for is not really known.
The boat looked more like a Öckerö Koster and had a gaff ring, jib and a staysail.
They sailed a lot during the war years and in the year 1947 they had planned a big renovation at the yard from Elis Svensson in Misterhult.
The new rigg was drawn by Jac M Iversen.
The boat was in such a bad shape that they had to build it all again.
So a new Koster was build on the old keel and the decision was made to built her in oak.
The rigg was not drawn up as a gaff rigg and this time they had a bermuda rigg on her.
No motor, no toilet, no winch, everything from the old boat was reused in the new Kurr.
In 1948 his parents had no mates on board because the children went out to studie and they put in a motor (an Albin 0/21) and they sailed even more with her.
After 10 years they left the boat to the boys because this boat needed young people and his parents looked after a more comfortable boat.
When the boys took over they drew a new rigg. He liked a ketchrigg (two masts) and got overseen by Iversen to make sure the calculations were right.
The rigg was made by Helmer Lind from the Klinten yard.
In the late sixties the changed the old motor that had served them well for a Albin Diesel AD-2 and they build a self - draining.
About that time Kurr changed owner.
His brother took over his parents boat and the writer of the story kept Kurr.
In 1978 they change the deck with teak by Ingvar Mattsson in Söderköping and together with his sons they helped putting on the deck.
After this I really don't know what happened.
He still had the boat for a while and I believe his sons took over Kurr later in life.
I found his sons on the internet and I am going to ask if they would write something more about what happened with her.

We know that the boat has been in possession by Bo Ulfvenstierna a priest and writer.
He had more then one boat and the stories are different. We don't know if he even sailed with her.
We came to know a couple of days ago that he might have some stuff left that belongs to Kurr.
With anticipation we wait!

Kurr was then bought by Conny Gunnarsson who sadly had a stroke and after years sold the boat to us. I Conny's possession it has never been sailed.
In between the story from the book and this we don't much about her and we will keep on searching.

Because the Kurr missed a couple sails we had to rethink.
As Dutchman we couldn't think anything else then a gaff rigg so we asked around and we got in contact with Birger Sjöberg from Sailmasters and he made some sketches for us.

We both, immediately, felt for the first one.
So the sails were ordered in a special fabric.
I think it is a kind of Dracon but has a kind of a cotton feel and look and the color is cream.
Me, myself would have liked the dark red and sometimes you have to compromise.
I agree with my husband though that the dark red would have made it much darker on the boat.

So what did we, besides the rigg, had to change?
First the front looked not good and was rotten at places so Pieter change the front of the deckhouse.
I have no idea if you call a deckhouse that small a deckhouse.

We took the engine out for reparation and it was beyond repair so we decided to buy a reconditioned engine, exactly the same as we had.
Putting it in though has given my husband quit a couple of headaches and the engine is not in yet!
We are now leaning towards selling the engine we have and put in an electric one.

We scraped to boat and painted here so that she is restored in her old glory.
The masts had to be shortened and only the boom for he mizzen we had to cut.
We ordered gaffels in the Netherlands and a bowsprit too.
He replaced to hatches. One at the front and one at the back.
On the front hatch our Charcoal Lab Milou.

The bowsprit got a jacket on, because the old one was torn and worn and we didn't want that happen that with the old one.

We made our own wooden cleats and we got a prisma in the deck where the mast had once been.
A lot of work and it was soo worth it.

So our journey begins!
On the 16th of May 2016 we launched Kurr in the water for the very first time.
To us it was quite an event.
We had a couple of viewers to.
Friends from The Netherlands who visited us and made beautiful pictures.
Thanks Ad!
and neighbours.

She has been behaving very good and not taking in that much water either.
Ofcourse the first two weeks we went two times a day to check her out and at this moment she is as good as dry.
So that gives us something else to do.
Like putting on the mast and mizzen.
Since yesterday the sails are up to.
The wires on tension and the plan is to go sailing after Sweden's soccer game this afternoon.
It is European Champignonship, unfortunately!
We bought a smal electric side motor just to move her around in the harbour.
That is something we needed and we can always used the motor on the wooden dinghy and we moved around a lot. Because our boat is in one end and the crane is at the other end.
We cannot complain about the electric motor though. It's doing it's job very seriously!

Let's see how she looks ready.

Almost the only thing to do now, is enjoy her as much as we can.
Ofcourse we have still things to do.
We haven't done anything inside, like a kitchen, benches, a bed and all that.
That will have to wait until winter.
Now we just want to sail!