donderdag 23 juni 2016

Deck problems

After lunch we went to the boat. 
The boat is floating and not getting much water. 
The water that comes into the boat is water that comes in from the rain through the deck. 
So it is time to fix it and that is easier said then done.
The deck is made of teak strips and then filled with some black stuff. 
So Pieter is taking out all the black stuff and Annuska is helping with cleaning it up.
It will be another week of work before it is all gone. 
Pieter has to work tomorrow so we will continue when he is coming back. 

On some spots you got even see that the wood was rotten. That will be fixed in the winter.
We are very eager to get sailing. 

I don't know if I mentioned it before but here in Sweden, the flag that hangs on board a boat is depending on your nationality and because our nationality is still Dutch we have to wave a Dutch. 
Ordered and came in yesterday and tadah!

It fits perfectly on the mizzen mast in top!
The weather wasn't great but not the worst either. 
Until the next update!

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