zondag 24 juli 2016

Solved the deck problems

Hello out there!
The work that Pieter had to go to took a little bit more then a week.
It turned out he was gone for almost 3 weeks!
That's what sometimes happens in his line of work.
This week we made a lot of progress on the deck. We started taping on Tuesday and started filling them on Wednesday.
We taped the deck and had bought 15 canisters of Marine caulking which we thought was more than enough.

Unfortunately it wasn't!
So Thursday morning Annuska's first drive (two hours return) was to buy more Marine caulking and she ended up buying all they had, 21 canisters.

Pieter went to the boat and finished it. He had one canister left over!
On Friday Pieter rented a sanding machine and not everything went to plan.
On the canister stood that you could easily sand away what was left on the deck. 
That wasn't true so Annuska had a very frustrated man on the couch that night!

Yesterday he removed the excessive Marine caulking from the deck with a spatula and today he is going to sand the deck. 
The end result will be fabulous we hopen and than we can really take her sailing!

Not to early because it is after all Sunday!

While we were removing the old caulking we discovered a very bad peace on the side and Pieter of course couldn't let it go and replace the rotten peace with a new one.

Until next time! Hopefully sailing!

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  1. Er is een Nederlands spreekwoord waar ik meteen aan moest denken: Koop een boot en werk je dood. Maar ik hoop dat jullie deze zomer toch nog heerlijk kunnen zeilen. Is het op binnenwater of op zee dat jullie gaan varen?